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Summer 2017

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Summer 2017 • Volume 116 3 Your and YOU skin T he skin is the body's largest organ and is its first line of defense against the environment. Covering the body's entire external surface, the skin protects us against ultraviolet (UV) light, trauma, pathogens, microorganisms, and toxins. It regulates our body temperature and helps with immunologic surveillance (the constant patrolling of the immune system to seek out and destroy invading pathogens and host cells that become cancerous). Our skin also plays a significant role in sensory perception, fluid loss, and homeostasis (the body's overall internal balance). Our skin even helps us communicate our emotions to other humans. In short, our skin is critical to our survival and should be cared for accordingly. Throughout this edition of NHR, we explore factors that affect skin health—nutrition, sunlight, environment, exercise, and hydration—and have sorted and summarized the latest research to help you keep your skin performing at its maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Your skin fights to protect you every second of every day—if well-armed, your skin will see you through a long and healthy life. NHR by nhR staff Factors that Affect Your Skin's Health and What You Can Do to Keep It at Its Best

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