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Nutrition Health Review 14 benefits. In addition, research shows that exposure to nature while mountain hiking can alleviate depression. d . However, your entire vacation doesn't have to be centered around physical activity. You can be a little lazy too! Just make sure to strike a balance. Chris Freytag, certified personal trainer and health coach, advises her clients to use the Two-Day Rule to keep themselves accountable when it comes to fitting in exercise. The rule stipulates never going more than two consecutive days without working out, and this includes during vacation! While there's no need to skip an excursion with your family just to fit in a daily workout, be sure to plan some physical activity during your vacation at least once every two days. And the Two-Day Rule can help you stay fit on vacation without putting too much pressure on yourself to work out every day. For a week-long trip, that's about three solid workouts—definitely doable! [EatHealthyU] Relax and enjoy yourself. It really is possible to enjoy a fun, relaxing, rejuvenating vacation with your family and improve your health at the same time! Being stressed and unrested is bad for your health, so stop longing for that relaxing get-away, and make that vacation happen! It's for your health. References 1. Sleep duration recommendations. National Sleep Foundation site. really-need. Accessed May 1, 2017. 2. American Psychological Association. Stress in AmericaTM 2017 Snapshot: * t ime to take time off, Continued from p12 continued on p16 * "...research shows that exposure to nature while mountain hiking can alleviate depression." Fa S t FaCt! Sleeping on the same side of your face every night can cause permanent creases to form on that side of the face . SOURCE: US News site. https://health.usnews. com/wellness/aging- well/articles/2017-01-09/6-surprising-factors-that-can-accelerate-the- aging-of-your-skin N HR New Skin Cancer drug Could Stop melanoma Spreading to other organs in High-risk Patients by NHR Staff a new drug could stop melanoma in its tracks and prevent it from spreading to other organs in the body, new research suggests. Two drug trials, led by experts at the Melanoma Institute of Australia, have successfully halted the spread of the disease in Stage 3 patients whose tumors had been surgically removed. Until now, patients with stage three melanoma were at a 40- to 70-percent risk of their cancer spreading to other organs. In the first clinical trial, called COMBI-AD, 1 patients were either given a combination of targeted therapies (dabrafenib and trametinib) or placebo for 12 months. The drugs worked to block the action of a gene mutation, known as BRAF, that spreads the disease. About 40 percent of melanoma patients have this mutation. This trial showed a 53- percent reduction in the risk of melanoma returning. The second trial, called CheckMate 238, compared two immunotherapy drugs, nivolumab versus ipilmumab, in patients with high-risk, Stages 3 and 5 melanoma. This trial saw a 35- percent reduction in melanoma. But experts do not yet know how these results will impact survival rates. SOURCES: 1) Long GV, et al. Adjuvant dabrafenib plus trametinib for Stage III BRAF-mutated melanoma. NeJM September 10, 2017DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1708539. 2) Weber J, et al. Adjuvant nivolumab versus ipilimumab in resected Stage III or IV melanoma. NeJM. September 10, 2017DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1709030. NHR

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