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Nutrition Health Review 12 Along with the long workout, or several short ones, you can also add small opportunities to move your body throughout the day. Start parking farther away from your office building, grocery store, or mall. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take short, energizing strolls throughout your workday. Walk the dog a bit farther than usual. It all adds up. These shouldn't take the place of your main workout, but they do help. ASK YOuRSELF... 1. How much will it cost to buy workout equipment? Be realistic about what is within your budget. You do not need to spend a lot of money or join a gym. Exercising from home is a good choice, and walking is inexpensive. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes. 2. Will I have to travel to do the exercise? Consider how accessible your choice will be. If you join a gym, there is an extra step to exercising as you must drive to the gym. 3. Is there too much preparation time involved in doing my everyday workout? Do you have to prepare a large amount of equipment? Is there a time commitment for maintenance of equipment? 4. Do I need an exercise buddy to motivate me? If you need a partner, then activities where you will be accountable for missing a workout would be a good choice for you. Perhaps joining a running club, setting appointments with workout buddies, or hiring a personal trainer would be beneficial. It's hard to skip that workout when you know someone is waiting for you. 5. Am I interested in this activity? If it doesn't interest you, it will be next to impossible to sustain the exercise routine. Just because your friend likes water aerobics does not necessarily mean it will be a good choice for you. 6. What will my backup exercise choice be if the weather is bad or my workout buddy is unavailable? Always have an exercise video, free weights, resistance bands, or some other type of physical activity planned for when something interferes with Plan A. 8. Will I actually do the exercise I choose or will I feel too self-conscious? Be realistic. If you cringe at the thought of exercising in front of other people, then joining a gym is E xercise, continued from page 10 continued on p14 * Exercise that Brain with Sudoku (answer key on p21) Free Income Tax Return Preparation Help The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) pro- vides free publications, forms, and tools to help all taxpayers fulfill their tax obligation: • Forms and Publications—Get the most popular forms and instructions, or search for specific titles or prod- uct numbers. The IRS also offers forms and publications for taxpayers with visual impairments. • Tools—Find interactive forms, calcu- lators, and other helpful tools. • Help and Resource Center - Learn about the many free services and resources that the IRS offers to tax- payers. • Choose a Tax Preparer—Get tips for finding a tax preparer with the cre- dentials and experience to handle your tax needs. Learn how to file a complaint if your preparer has acted improperly. For more information, visit eral-agencies/internal-revenue-service.

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